Rukeri Launches a New Billboard Advertising Campaign

Rukeri, a brand of Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd, has launched a new billboard advertising campaign in Paisley to help develop brand awareness and increase its customer base.

The campaign will run for 8 weeks with the adverts displayed at strategic locations throughout Paisley that include main arterial routes to maximise exposure. The advert has […]

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Mushrooms – Are they good or bad?

It is not uncommon for mushrooms to grow in and around gardens, be it on the grass or in the soil. At first the appearance of mushrooms may be alarming – let’s face it, they are not very attractive and they are generally not wanted or expected visitors.  Aesthetics aside, the appearance of mushrooms […]

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How to stripe your lawn

Would you like to stripe your lawn, but are wondering just exactly how it is done? The goods news is – it is not too difficult to achieve. In theory, all you need to do is cut the grass in different directions. This is a lot more effective if you use a lawn mower […]

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5 Tips for working with a Landscape Gardener

With the warmer weather coming in our attention starts to focus more on our gardens. Do you have a great idea of how you would like your garden to look but aren’t able to execute it yourself?  Many people choose to utilise the expertise of a landscape gardener as its easier, and quicker. Whatever […]

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The Preliminary Stages of Planning a New Garden

If you have recently moved house and have a new garden to make your own, or fancy redesigning your existing garden because spring is in the air then there is no time like the present. To make the most out of your unique space there are a number of things to take into consideration. […]

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Do we cut turf in winter?

This is a question that we get asked – a LOT! And the answer is yes. We have a high number of customers with turf requirements all throughout the year. Unless the ground is frozen solid and we are physically unable to cut it, you can be sure that our team will be in […]

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