When you buy garden turf from us, it is ready to go down straight away. We have worked hard behind the scenes for months, creating the perfect environment for growing turf, so it’s no wonder that our customers are delighted with the results.

Our mix of grass turf

When growing turf there are a number of different things to consider; not least of which is the usability and look of the grass. We had to choose seeds that work well together, and would grow well in our fields. Our aim was, and still is, to grow turf that is visually attractive, strong, and suitable for a wide range of uses.

We spoke with specialists who recommended a mix of grass species that was balanced to provide great turf that would be suitable for harvesting and further use there-after. Seed quality is very important to produce a consistent turf suitable for gardens and lawns, as is making sure that the seeds are free of weeds and also weed grasses such as ‘meadow grass’. While meadow grass does has an attractive appeal, it is not what we would like to supply as turf growers.

Growing turf, Rukeri staff seeding turf field

The result of our seed mix is a blend of creeping, chewing and red fescues. The particular blend we use gives our turf high shoot density and a lovely appearance. We also have a low percentage of amenity rye grass in the mix as this creates a well knitted root system, giving the turf lateral strength when cut. The rye grass is very fine leaved and it is hard to tell that they are present, however without them the turf would be difficult to maintain, for us in terms of cutting and for our customers looking to  create a new lawn. Growing turf requires care and attention. We apply fertiliser and cut the grass swards to keep or turf healthy and green. When you buy garden turf from us, every roll is fit for purpose – it is both durable and attractive.

 Cutting our turf

The fields need to be prepared before we start cutting – a level field of good soil provides the best results. We apply fertiliser when required to give our turf the nutrients it needs to grow strong. We regularly brush our turf to remove any debris on it before and after we cut, making sure that our customers only receive premium cut turf from us. We also maintain our fields by cutting the grass regularly.

We won’t cut our turf until the conditions are perfect. If the field is too wet we would rather wait until it is drier, so that we don’t damage the turf when cutting. This means that we only ever cut the highest quality, premium turf.

We use a turf cutter that rolls the turf up neatly- but not too compacted. Each roll is fresh and easy to lay, giving our customers a hard wearing, durable grass in no time at all.

Delivering your turf

We know how important it is not to put any undue stress on turf, which is why we always provide freshly cut rolls of turf for our customers. We recommend laying turf as soon as possible once it has been cut to help the turf root quickly . Once our customers have placed a turf order with us they are able to pick it up or we will endeavour to deliver it the next day. It is great when we have as much notice as possible for any turf orders, however we are able to deal with ad-hoc requests and can cater for our customers who like to buy garden turf online.

For information on laying turf see our Guide to Laying Turf.